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LookNew Reps offer a service that bundles an upscale, revolutionary coloring agent (invented in 1989 for theme parks, commercial and upscale residential applications) with the labor of mixing and brooming the product on the concrete. By combining product and installation, not requiring its Reps to purchase product separately, LookNew’s service is one-of-a-kind in the Decorative Concrete Industry.


LookNew’s coloring agent is superior to the best concrete stains on the market. The 8 best-selling colors are recommended by top residential architects.


LookNew also comes in a simple, concrete color that makes old, stained and repaired concrete LookNew, as if it was poured yesterday.


The color absorbs into the substrate of the concrete. It will not bubble or peel, as even the best concrete stains do after some years. “Fading” is a result of the actual micro-top of the concrete deteriorating. “The LookNew coloring agent is only as strong as the concrete to which it is applied.”


Amazingly, you can change colors without stripping, which is impossible with traditional concrete stains. In fact, you can also refresh the original 2 coat job, any time within 3 years, with a light pressure wash and one coat, restoring the concrete to its original beauty.


LookNew’s coloring agent is a polymer modified water-based product that is eco-friendly, complying with all EPA standards for use in California, the strictest state in the USA.

The beauty is unmatched.

There is low liability;

it does not get slippery like epoxy or oil-based concrete paints when wet! The texture of the concrete remains unchanged, leaving the traction under your feet similar to raw concrete after the color is applied.

It withstands high traffic.

This is why looknew is…