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LOOKNEW exclusively uses the Solid Color Stain and Cool Stain from NewLook International. This revolutionary polymer-modified, water-based coloring agent was invented by them in 1989. It can be found in theme parks and upscale residential properties across the country, because this is the highest quality concrete stain on the market today.


Other concrete “stains” form a film, a separate layer on top of the concrete, which invariably leads to the bubbling, chipping and cracking you have seen on so many colored concrete areas. The only way to fix that is to strip off that layer of concrete stain, which is a mess!


The product LOOKNEW uses soaks into and bonds to the substrate of the concrete. It forms a breathable, opaque finish that does not need to be sealed because it has an intrinsic sealer, which makes it stain, oil and mildew resistant. LOOKNEW guarantees it not to bubble or peel for 10 years! If you get tired of the color you had applied, don’t worry! You can change colors without stripping off this product. This true concrete stain will give repaired concrete an even finish, and make old concrete LOOKNEW. Comes in over 80 standard colors with color match available.