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Your concrete can not only be made beautiful, but “cool” as well! At only 15¢ more per square foot, this is an added benefit you do not want to pass up!!


As its name implies, the cooling agent is a patent-pending infrared reflective technology, built-in to the color, that minimizes heat build-up of concrete surfaces exposed to sunlight, reducing the temperature by up to 50° F!



“Where Hot Feet Meet Cool Concrete”


Trying to cool your concrete? Don’t change the texture, just contact LookNew! We will cool your concrete at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives! Comes in over 20 standard colors, with color matching available!



~Portland Cement Association

Consumer Benefits:
  • - Reduces surface temperature by 17.5° F to 50° F.
  • - Cooler to walk on when barefoot
  • - Improves solar reflectivity
  • - Lowers energy absorption, which reduces heat emission
  • - Reduces Heat Island Effect
  • - Qualifies for LEED points