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This concrete staining project just goes to show how even the worst concrete can look a whole lot better with the LookNew Service!

As you can see by the picture on the top left, these concrete steps were mold and mildew covered. Not the most inviting area to have your lunchbreak!

Even after pressure washing, you probably wouldn’t want to hang out in this area for too long.  The steps were very bright and unsightly due to the degradation of the concrete.

Then here comes LookNew! For 99¢ per square foot plus 15¢ extra for two-tone upcharge, we pressure washed the area thoroughly, then used the Dark Brown color to calm the brightness of the bleacher area down, and applied the Beach House color to the middle steps to help signify the path down.  From where we started and for what we had to work with, this was a smashing success!

Go to the Commercial link at the Projects page to view more pictures!

This job was on the campus of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Several workers and staff came by to commend us on how much of an improvement it is to this area! To quote one of them, “Now we have an inviting outdoor area to gather and enjoy our lunch!”

They also do not have to worry about the “epoxy/paint monster” a few months down the road. Those other products will eventually bubble, peel and chip away. Then you have to strip it off to maintain it properly. The LookNew Service guarantees it not to bubble or peel for 10 years! AND through our 50% Off Refresh For Life maintenance program, we can keep it looking beautiful forever!

One Response to “LookNew on SAMFORD UNIVERSITY Campus”

  1. g says:

    Samford’s Campus, landscaping, fountains and buildings, are beautiful and now LookNew is making their old, tired. ugly walkways, steps and courtyards beautiful too.

    After having a child graduate from Samford, I am so glad the university has decided to use LookNew to make their grounds so much more inviting for all who see them, especially for the students that see them every day.

    Samford’s reputation is linked to the beauty of its grounds and this project proves and improves their commitment to maintain that reputation and stay exceptionally beautiful.

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