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Beautiful Driveway to Accent a Beautiful House

Posted by LookNew Admin

In one day, this driveway was transformed into a magnificent entry way into a beautiful home in Birmingham, AL. The client chose a great combination of colors, the field is SUMMER SAND and the border is BUFFALO BROWN. It really draws on the accent trim of the house itself.

At $1.14 per square foot (for the two color border job) you can’t find better bang for your buck. And because we use the highest quality concrete stain on the market, you can’t beat the quality! This driveway will have great curb appeal for many years to come. ┬áIt will never bubble or peel, and mold/mildew will have a hard time coming back. Also, once the color fades a bit or they just want it to look brand new, they can call us back and for 50% off we can do a refresh by applying one coat of the same color and make it look BRAND NEW!!

An integral color look, for a fraction of the price! Contact us now!

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