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Who We Are

Our independent Reps, trained professionals who provide quality work, are establishing LOOKNEW as the premier provider of decorative concrete coloring in the country.  By serving you, our Client, LOOKNEW is performing quality work that creates curb appeal and enhances property value.  Our Rep’s work, their integrity and their leadership is what is creating LOOKNEW’s quality image in the marketplace.


Traditionally, products, such as paints and concrete stains, are bought and sold separately from installation creating complications and uncertainty in negotiating a job with the property owner. Bundling a one-of-a-kind upscale product with something as simple as prepping most concrete by pressure washing is a unique business concept that puts LOOKNEW in a league of its own.

Oversimplified, LOOKNEW is simply standardizing the Pressure Washing Industry by creating the opportunity to “pressure wash with color”. Simultaneously, LOOKNEW is fast becoming the “go to” company to do high-end residential and commercial jobs due to the simplicity and certainty of negotiating our inexpensive service.

LOOKNEW’s appeal and success is tied to its focus. As a company, we concentrate on driveways, patios and poolsides, giving you, our Rep in the field, the opportunity to become exceptionally good at what you do. Problem concrete, elaborate commercial and indoor jobs we leave to other companies. With billions of square feet of “ugly concrete” and “old concrete” that needs to “Look New”, LOOKNEW’s future is unlimited.


If you are interested in becoming a Rep with LookNew, please visit our Rep website at www.MyLookNew.com

There you can read more about us as a company as well as register to become a Rep!